Luxury Watch Brand Blasts Woke Transgender Athletes with ‘What is a Woman?’ Ad

Lia Thomas

Going against the trend of corporate wokeism, luxury timepiece brand Egard Watches is sponsoring a campaign celebrating women and taking issue with transgender athletes in sports.

The Florida-based watch company founded by actor Ilan Srulovicz recently released an ad entitled “What is a Woman,” which claims that the left is working to make womanhood “lose all meaning.”

“How long do we sit idly by and not stand for the sacred value of womanhood as it loses all meaning?” the ad says, according to the Washington Times. “Because we believe that womanhood is a birthright.”

Srulovicz, an actor known for parts on Deep Water Horizon, NCIS: New Orleans, and The Walking Dead, added that his company is celebrating women, not tearing them down.

“We crafted an ad campaign that celebrates our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters, and everything they represent to paint a stark contrast to the lies we are all being told,” Srulovicz said. “The push for Transgender rights is no longer about equality, it’s now a cleverly-crafted lie that comes at the expense of women. We ask all Americans to join us to speak truth.”

Egard Watches stands in stark contrast to companies including Nike, Converse, Addidas, Lululemon, and others that have gone all-in for the hardcore, left-wing transgender movement.

Srulovicz says he is hewing to the opposite view on destructive transgenderism.

“I think there’s this huge culture war taking place where there’s a certain percentage of the culture that wants to do away with the concept of gender entirely, and a lot of corporations are very woke nowadays, and they think that’s who their best clientele is,” he told the paper. “And then there’s the silent percent of the country that strongly believes that these things do have value and do have meaning, and no one’s fighting for their side.”

His “What is a Woman” ad can be considered a companion to his 2019 ad entitled, “What is a Man,” which was his response to a Gillette ad accusing men of “toxic masculinity.”

Since the latest ad was released, Srulovicz says that Youtube has suppressed its reach and shadowbanned the ad.

“They’re letting it play, but it’s not getting any organic searches,” the actor and CEO said. “The view count doesn’t make any sense. It goes up and then it comes down again, and then they’ve restricted us from advertising across all Google platforms. So if you can’t advertise an ad and they close down any organic searches for it, your ad is not going to get any views.”

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