Commanders’ Jack Del Rio Blasted After Calling Out Congress for Holding Jan. 6 Hearings While Ignoring Floyd Riots

Jack Del Rio
Getty Images/Patrick Smith

Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is being blasted by the left for a tweet asking why the George Floyd riots are being ignored while the left continues to push the January 6 riot.

Del Rio responded to a report about the Jan. 6 Committee hearing posted by the left-wing Brookings Institute. But Del Rio had a question, writing, “Would love to understand “the whole story” about why the summer of riots, looting, burning and the destruction of personal property is never discussed but this is?”

Del Rio has a point, of course. America has suffered through years of riots, property destruction, law-breaking, deaths, and any manner of mayhem. From the Occupy Wall Street rioters to Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests, leftists have been destroying things for more than a decade. Cities have burned, neighborhoods leveled, business districts razed, and people have died.

Naturally, the leftists went wild, attacking De Rio for asking a perfectly good question.

Left-wing sports figures constantly claim that they should be allowed to post their every meandering political position on social media. Del Rio says one thing, and he is attacked because he called Jan. 6 a “dust-up.”

In an interview on Wednesday, Del Rio said he was just “expressing himself” and noted that no one on his team seems upset over it all.

But according to the leftists at The Big Lead, Del Rio’s comment should be used to smear his entire team.

So much for free political speech on pro sports.

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