‘Boo!’: Keith Olbermann Blasted for Crass Comment About Grandmothers, Calling World Baseball Classic ‘Meaningless’

Keith Olbermann
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Keith Olbermann normally gets written about for causing an uproar with his insane political takes. This time, however, he’s caused an uproar with a sports take.

Olbermann, a disgruntled weirdo who makes creepy videos in his Manhattan apartment because he’s been fired from every network foolish enough to hire him, drew the ire of baseball fans Thursday after lamenting Wednesday night’s injury to team Puerto Rico’s Edwin Diaz. The second major injury to a major league baseball player in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Well, he didn’t cause an uproar by lamenting the injuries. Instead, he really caused an uproar by calling the WBC “meaningless.”

Not only that, but Olbermann also made a vulgar joke about the player’s grandmothers.

“First Freddie Freeman, now Edwin Diaz,” he tweeted. “The WBC is a meaningless exhibition series designed to: get YOU to buy another uniform, to hell with the real season, and split up teammates based on where their grandmothers got laid.

“Call it off. Now.”

Olbermann’s take was greeted less than enthusiastically.

Eventually, Olbermann was called out for his vulgar quip by Wall Journal baseball reporter Lindey Adler.

Olbermann responded, “Ok, it reads sexist and for that I apologize. Make it ‘where their ancestors got laid.’ That blunt description of the artificiality of the team assignments is also trivial and for that I apologize. But WBC has always been a threat to what actually counts: The Season. Kill it.”

It’s unknown why Olbermann can’t simply criticize an international competition that puts professional stars at risk like a normal person. Why must he insert some crass comment about grandmothers?

Then again, why does he do any of the things that he does?


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