Police Release New Video of Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest

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Louisville police have released dash cam footage of golfer Scottie Scheffler’s arrest outside Valhalla Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky, last Friday.

The video is shot from a distance, but the car making a left into the country club is driven by Scheffler. The officer chasing the vehicle on the driver’s side is the arresting officer Brian Gillis.

A second video shows the angle from a police dash cam.

While the video does not show Officer Gillis being dragged, as he accuses Scheffler of doing in his official report. The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) claims that this video does not show the entire incident.

“Around 5 a.m. on May 17, outside the gates of Valhalla Golf Club, security guard John Mills was killed when a shuttle bus hit him,” Yahoo Sports reports. “The ensuing traffic as police investigated the fatal accident backed up in both directions on the one road that runs past Valhalla. Players were permitted to enter the facility, but when Scheffler showed up around 6 a.m., he was stopped by an officer on the scene.

“What happened next was the source of considerable debate over the ensuing hours. According to the police report, shortly after the incident the officer demanded Scheffler stop, but the World No. 1 “refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging [Gillis] to the ground.” The officer was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, and his pants — valued at $80, according to the report — were a total loss.”

The absence of body cam footage of the incident was one of the highlights of a Thursday press conference in which LMPD announced that Officer Gillis had been administered a “corrective action” for failing to turn his camera on.

Scheffler was charged with felony second-degree assault of a police officer, as well as misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief in the third-degree, reckless driving, and disregarding signals from officers directing traffic.

The arraignment has been scheduled for June 3. Given that he is facing a felony charge, his presence in the court that day is required.


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