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Darin LaHood and Ill. GOP Establishment Attempt to Elbow Conservative Opponent Out of 18th District Race

Illinois establishment Republican candidate Darin LaHood is being accused of making behind-the-scenes crony capitalist deals, attempting to mask his moderate voting record, refusing to debate a legitimate opponent, and trying to cajole voters to vote before they have even heard what the candidates stand for in the 18th District special election set to replace now disgraced establishment Republican Aaron Schock.

AP Photo/John O’Connor

FBI Begins Criminal Investigation of Aaron Schock

The Justice Department has launched a formal criminal investigation into the office and campaign expenses of resigning Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock, as well as his personal business dealings with political donors, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press on Friday.

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Obama's NEA Chair Is a Broadway Baby

So Rocco Landesman is the new chairman of the NEA. The gregarious and outspoken producer and theatre executive has long been known for his bold risk-taking, his penchant for publicity and his leftward lean. As it is no big surprise