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Ex-Spy Chief at Center of Argentine Prosecutor’s Murder Investigation is Missing

The former director of operations at Argentina’s Secretariat of Intelligence, Antonio Stiuso, has become the most coveted witness in the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who died one day before testifying against that nation’s president before Congress. And just as the government’s interest in bringing Stiuso in for questioning reaches a fever pitch, the ex-spy has disappeared.

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Argentine Prosecutor Drafted Arrest Warrant for President Before Death

Alberto Nisman, a top Argentine prosecutor found shot in the head the day before he was to testify that his government had a hand in protecting the orchestrators of the worst terrorist attack in Argentina’s history, drafted an arrest warrant for President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner shortly before his death.

Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor investigating the 1994 bombing the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association community center, talks to journalists in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina: Fernández Gov’t in Turmoil After Suspicious Death of Prosecutor

The saga of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s death has been taking some bizarre twists and turns over the past week, culminating in President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner dissolving her intelligence service, because she thinks they used Nisman in a bid to discredit her government and might have had something to do with his demise.

President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner at the UN

Iran’s Invisible Shadow in a Prosecutor’s Death

President Obama was clear in his message to Congress during this week’s State of the Union: “I will veto any new sanctions bill that threatens to undo this progress [with Iran].” While the room applauded, the President’s praise echoed throughout Tehran, as the Ayatollahs realize they are inching closer to achieving international legitimacy. One major hurdle, however, stands in their way.

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Argentine President Pens Rambling Blog Claiming Innocence in Prosecutor’s Murder

Top Argentine officials have stated that they believe prosecutor Alberto Nisman was duped into believing the Iranian government had anything to do with the deadliest terrorist attack in the nation’s history– this as President Cristina Fernández de Kircher asserts on her blog that Nisman’s death was “not a suicide,” but the work of people helping Nisman build the case.

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