Donald Trump: Time For Law Enforcement To Start Profiling Radical Muslims

“You’ll never solve the problem if you’re afraid to use the real name, this is radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump said, after a bomb went off in New York City and injured 29 people. Over the weekend, law enforcement officials discovered and diffused several bombs placed around the city.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump September 16, 2016 in Miami, Florida.

Israeli UN Envoy: Jew-Hatred At ‘Highest Level of Our Lifetimes’

TEL AVIV – Jew hatred and demonization of Israel are at “the highest level of our lifetimes,” Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said during a high-level forum on anti-Semitism held on Wednesday at the UN’s headquarters in New York.


North Carolina Shark Attacks Proliferate

A series of shark attacks of the coast of North Carolina has elicited concern from local government officials but protests from shark experts of the sharks’ diminishing numbers.

Biosphoto / Minden Pictures / Mike Parry/AFP