Black Box

Two Men Find Plane’s Black Box 31 Years After Crash

Two men from Boston who set out on a journey to find the wreckage of a plane that crashed 31 years ago have recovered the black box and recently got clearance to hand it over to investigators.


San Francisco to Require ‘Black Boxes’ in Cars

On Tuesday, San Francisco supervisors unanimously passed legislation that will require about 80 percent of the city’s vehicle fleet to install black boxes, or telematics, in order to hold city workers accountable for their driving.

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Report: Germanwings Black Box Shows Pilot Locked out of Cockpit

A newspaper report, however, suggests the audio contains intriguing information at the least: One of the pilots is heard leaving the cockpit, then banging on the door with increasing urgency in an unsuccessful attempt to get back in.

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Search Scrambles for Black Box Clues in French Alps Plane Crash

A black box recovered from the scene and pulverized pieces of debris strewn across Alpine mountainsides held clues to what caused a German jetliner to take an unexplained eight-minute dive Tuesday midway through a flight from Spain to Germany, apparently killing all 150 people on board.

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