Canada’s Conservative Leader Candice Bergen Demands ‘Blackface’ Trudeau Apologize for Calling Truckers Racist

Candice Bergen, elected on Wednesday to replace the ousted Erin O’Toole as interim leader of the Canadian Conservative caucus, came out swinging in her debut House of Commons appearance by blasting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for refusing to extend an “olive branch” to Freedom Convoy demonstrators. Bergen began the week by sneering at Trudeau for wearing blackface “more times than he can remember” and demanding he apologize for slandering the demonstrators as racists.

New interim leader of the Conservative party, Candice Bergen (L), speaking in the Canadian House of Commons. Canadian Prime Minister (R) in black face as a teenager.

China Airs Blackface Show — Again! — for Lunar New Year

Chinese broadcaster CCTV opened its annual four-hour-long Lunar New Year variety show Friday with a “multicultural” dance performance featuring ethnically Han Chinese performers in black skin paint pretending to be African. The use of blackface prompted global ire, as it was not the first instance of it appearing in the program.

WUHAN, CHINA - JANUARY 01: (CHINA OUT) Children show their calligraphy during New Year celebrations at Yellow Crane Tower Park on January 1, 2021 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Wuhan has no recorded COVID-19 cases of community transmissions since May 2020, life for residents is gradually returning to normal. (Photo …

Woke or Joke?: Hollywood Faced with Ultimate Hypocrisy over Blackface

Hollywood and social justice warriors have established a new Woke standard. Now the question remains: will Hollywood purge its own ranks of all actors, directors, producers, agents, managers, film crews, photographers, and hair and makeup artists who have ever worked on a film or TV show that employed racist blackface portrayals?

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