Nolte: Deadspin Blackface Hoaxer Who Smeared Child Is Award-Winning ‘Journalist’


Late last month, Deadspin’s Carron Phillips targeted a nine-year-old boy for public destruction by spreading the lie that the young Kansas City Chiefs fan sat in the stands wearing blackface.

The hatred the left has for innocence, especially children, is no longer in hiding. The corporate media used smears and lies to destroy a group of students from Covington Catholic High School and then turned their hate machine on the teenage Kyle Rittenhouse. Every day, the left targets children for death with abortion, right up to the moment of birth. The latest war on kids involves the championing of their permanent surgical and irreversible chemical mutilation to appease the left’s lunatic trans gods. Then there’s Disney’s billion-dollar crusade to “queer” and groom little children.

Enter Carron Phillips, who wrote the following of a nine-year-old boy, which included the boy’s unblurred photo [I don’t link fake news]:

It takes a lot to disrespect two groups of people at once. But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate [b]lack people and the Native Americans at the same time.

… The image of a Chiefs fan in [b]lack face wearing a Native headdress during a road game leads to so many unanswered questions.

Phillips is such a revolting and shameless liar; he wrote this as though he didn’t know: “Is that fan a kid/teenager or a young adult?”

Here’s the photo included in the original article. It is obviously a photo of a child. But Phillips didn’t care that he was about to make a little boy that week’s Media Hate Object because annihilating innocence is what the left does.

But let’s move away from the moral obscenity that is Carron Phillips and focus on his journalistic sins:

  1. Before publishing his national attack on a child, Phillips did not bother to verify if that child was indeed wearing blackface.
  2. Phillips is a sports “journalist” and therefore knows that a) fans facepaint and b) that Kansas City’s colors are red and — you guessed it — black.
  3. So the idea Phillips would publish this smear before getting a look at the other half of this child’s face is not only a moral obscenity, but also journalistic malpractice.
  4. Although there is nothing morally wrong with a kid (or any person of any age or race) respectfully appropriating another culture, Phillips used the fake racist attack of “cultural appropriation” against …. A CHILD.
  5. Phillips did not bother to verify if the child was white. Turns out the nine-year-old is part American Indian. So, he was not appropriating. He was representing.
  6. Despite all this, Carron Phillips has still not retracted his defamatory story. Deadspin’s defamatory social media posts are still out there defaming … A CHILD.

And who is Carron Phillips? Who is guilty of this shoddy, irresponsible, lazy, hate-driven, bigoted, bullying, unforgivable, obscene act of  “journalism?” Is Carron Phillips some dumb part-time blogger? Some college intern? A nepo-baby with publishing privileges?


Mr. Carron Phillips is a capital “J” journalist — an award-winning, college-educated, Pulitzer-nominee who proudly describes himself this way:

Sr. Writer – @Deadspin. Pulitzer nominee. ‘20/‘19 @NABJ [National Association of Black Journalists] Award Winner. ‘16 @PABJ [Philadelphia Association of Journalists] Journalist of the Year.

Have you noticed how it’s always the accredited, award-winning “journalists” who commit the most obscene journalistic offenses against truth and children? Who do this…

Over the last two decades, I’ve made my share of mistakes. Still, even without a lofty college degree, a single writing class, or a moment of journalistic training, I’ve somehow managed not to target a child for destruction or deliberately lie or manufacture an obvious race hoax.

It’s always-always-always the “professional” and accredited “journalists” who rape the truth — always-always-always the Pulitzer guys, the This and That of the Year guys… Each and every one of these people is a cancer on decent society and no matter how hard you try, I promise you cannot hold them in enough contempt.

In a just world, for targeting a child with obvious lies, the hateful and bigoted Carron Phillips would be sued into bankruptcy, fired into disgrace, and blacklisted from decent society.

But you just wait… The awards will keep coming because the institution of professional journalism is now so evil and corrupt that liars like Phillips are cherished, protected, and promoted.

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