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U.S. Warns Britain over Eroding Military Power in Leaked Letter

A leaked letter sent to the British defence secretary by General James Mattis expressing serious concerns about the United Kingdom’s ongoing dedication to the transatlantic partnership has come before a key defence summit and amid ongoing struggle in Westminster over the funding of Britain’s military.

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UK Lawmakers Call for Significant Defence Spending Boost After Trump Comments

Noting that “defence is the first duty of government”, a panel of parliamentarians tasked with reviewing Britain’s defence posture has called for a significant rise in national defence spending which if delivered would see the country catapulted into the top-three defence-spending nations worldwide.


Britain Failed to Meet NATO Spending Target, Says Think Tank

The United Kingdom failed to meet its defence spending obligations to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance in 2016, according to the respected International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).


EXCLUSIVE PICS: Servicemen Rally to Free ‘Marine A’

Hundreds of supporters of “Marine A”, who was jailed for shooting a mortally wounded terrorist in Afghanistan, have rallied outside Parliament today to renew calls for his release from prison.


Britain to Allow Troops to Opt-Out of Human Rights Law

(AFP) – Britain on Tuesday announced plans to allow its soldiers to opt out of European human rights law, in a move Prime Minister Theresa May said would end “the industry of vexatious claims” against troops. Under the new proposal


MoD Hands Islamic State 20,000-Soldier ‘Hit List’

The Ministry of Defence has been accused of a security blunder for publishing online the name, rank, and army number of 20,000 military personnel which could be used by Islamic State as a ‘hit list’.