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British Economy

UK Economy Picks Up Speed, Defying Predictions of Brexit Wobble

LONDON – Britain’s economy picked up during a second quarter that concluded with the vote to leave the European Union, helped by the biggest upturn in industrial production since 1999, according to official data on Wednesday. Second-quarter gross domestic product grew

David Cameron Visits A Manufacturing Business To Discuss The EU Referendum

Swiss Withdraw EU Application: Only ‘Lunatics’ Would Join Now

Switzerland has formally withdrawn her long-standing application to join the European Union (EU), as only “a few lunatics” now want to be involved with the bloc. The verdict comes just one week before Britons go to the polls to decide

Alphorn Players Gather For Nendaz Festival

No Slowdown For Start-Ups Ahead of Referendum

British entrepreneurs are on track to start up a record number of businesses this year, ignoring the doom and gloom forecasts from pro-Remain economists in the run up to the EU referendum. 91,618 new businesses have been formed in the

Vote Leave Supporters Campaign In Stonehouse

UK Inflation Slips Back To Zero In August As Oil Weighs

British annual inflation fell back to zero in August after oil prices recorded their biggest fall since the start of the year, ensuring price growth remained far slower than the Bank of England’s target. Consumer prices rose 0.2 percent on


Will Britain Face The Same EU Dilemma As Greece?

Early this morning Greek MPs voted in favour of a second set of EU imposed austerity measures which will enable an €86 billion (£59 billion) European Union bailout. The reforms include an overhaul of the judiciary system and changes to

A ripped Greek national flag flutters in central Athens (LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images)