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RAF First Branch of UK Military to Open Close Combat Roles to Women

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Royal Air Force has become the country’s first military service to open up all roles to women — including close combat roles. The RAF will start taking applications Friday from women interested in joining its ground-fighting

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British Tanks Join NATO Battle Group in Estonia

TALLINN (AFP) – British army equipment including tanks and self-propelled guns on Wednesday arrived by boat in Estonia, part of a NATO move to reinforce its eastern flank to deter a militarily resurgent Russia, according to Estonia’s defence forces.


Missing RAF Serviceman Feared to Have Been Kidnapped

Fears are growing that an RAF serviceman who went missing last week may have been kidnapped. His disappearance comes less than three months after an RAF serviceman narrowly avoided being seized by “Middle Eastern” men wielding knives.


British Army Falls to Lowest Numbers in 200 Years

The number of regular soldiers in Britain’s army has fallen below 80,000, the lowest it has been for over 200 years, the latest manning figures show. The Army was slashed by the government from 102,000 to a target of 82,000

Territorial Army Recruitment Day Held In London

Would-be RAF Kidnappers May Have Staged Dry Run

Two men who tried to kidnap an RAF serviceman while he was out jogging may have staged a dry run and undertaken reconnaissance around the base before the attempt, a witness has said.


Poor Housing Forcing Highly Trained Military Personnel To Quit

The British military is losing highly trained personnel because poor accommodation is driving some of them to quit, MPs have found. The situation has been slammed as ‘disgraceful’ by a UKIP spokesman, who called for renewed investment in military housing.


Cameron Wants Airstrikes In Syria ‘Within Two Weeks’

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is going on the offensive in a bid to secure cross-party support for airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria. He will meet with the French President to discuss military tactics, before laying out a

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