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WATCH: Protesters Block off London Streets to Demand Action on Syria

Hundreds of protesters have marched through central London today to demand the British government help civilians caught up in the Syrian civil war in Aleppo. Waving Syrian flags, and banners reading: “save Aleppo”, “hand in hand with Aleppo” and “enough with

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WATCH: Second Major London Pro-Caliphate Protest In Three Days

British Muslims have taken to London streets for the second time in three days to call for a Caliphate. Gathering once again outside the mothballed Syrian embassy in London’s Belgrave Square, around 400 Muslims gathered to proclaim Allahu Akbar (our


Ministers Consider Mosque and University Ban for Hate Preachers

Government ministers are considering a raft of measures to crack down on hate preaching in the wake of the jailing of Anjem Choudary, who was allowed to promote Sharia in the UK for two decades. Questions have been raised over


Study: Muslim Parents Would Keep Quiet About Jihadi Children

Some Muslim parents would not speak out if their children went to Syria to fight with terrorists, according to a new study conducted in Birmingham. Muslim parents told academics they feared police would arrest family members who traveled to Syria. The


British Muslim Group Tells Women Not to Travel Without Male Escort

Women should not travel more than 48 miles without a male chaperone, a British Muslim organisation affiliated to the Muslim Council of Great Britain has told its followers. The organisation reasoned that “Allah knows best”. According to the Blackburn Muslim


REVEALED: Imams Preaching Saudi-Imported Hate Texts In British Jails

Muslim chaplains working within Britain’s prison system have been routinely distributing Islamist hate literature, leaving extremist pamphlets preaching death to non-believers and hatred of the West within easy reach of inmates, a leaked review has revealed. The Ministry of Justice,


Multiculturalism Fuels Violent Jihad: Former Labour Equalities Commissioner

That Multicultural policies and a lack of integration may have directly fuelled violent extremism, is “one of the most significant findings” of the What British Muslims Really Think survey and documentary, presenter and former Labour politician Trevor Philips said. In