Venezuela's starving dogs

Starving Venezuelans Abandon Dogs, Buy Dog Food for Themselves

The newspaper El Nacional highlights a growing stray dog problem plaguing the streets of Venezuela’s cities this week, triggered by impoverished residents unable to afford dog food and vaccines releasing their animals into the wild.

TOPSHOT - Anti-government demonstrators attack the administration headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice as part of protests against President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, on June 12, 2017. With Venezuelans suffering from high inflation, food shortages and soaring crime rates, plus a deepening corruption scandal, the Venezuelan opposition has mounted …

Venezuela: Protesters Burn Down Supreme Court Building

Anti-government protesters in Venezuela set fire to the headquarters of the nation’s Supreme Court Monday as part of the ongoing effort to bring down the government of socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. The incident comes after the Supreme Court voted to reject a

TOPSHOT - People protest against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas on October 26, 2016. Opponents of Maduro rallied in the streets as the leftist leader convened a crisis security meeting resisting their efforts to drive him from power. Thousands of opposition supporters began to gather at …

The Fruits of Socialism: Venezuela in 20 Photos

As Venezuela enters year eighteen of the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution, the international community is finally paying attention, as Venezuelans struggle to find food, medicine, and an outlet for their frustration that will not trigger rampant state violence.

Venezuelan opposition activists confront a police armoured vehicle during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, on May 1, 2017

VIDEO: Armored Vehicle Drives into Crowd of Protesters in Venezuela

Demonstrations in Caracas, Venezuela turned violent on Wednesday, bringing a police response that included a Venezuelan National Guard armored car running into a crowd of demonstrators after a firebomb was thrown at it. The Venezuelan opposition claims there were over 300 injuries from clashes throughout the day. One fatality has also been reported.

Cardinal Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino celebrates a mass in memory of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in Rome's Santa Maria dei Monti Church, Friday, March 8, 2013. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Venezuela: Socialist Mob Assaults Archbishop of Caracas During Holy Week Mass

A mob of supporters of socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro stormed a Catholic Mass celebrating Holy Week on Wednesday, assaulting Archbishop of Caracas Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, injuring both believers attending the mass and media recording the scuffle, and reportedly looting the church.


Venezuela: ‘Maintenance’ Leaves Millions in Caracas Without Drinking Water

Residents of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, had no access to drinking water this past weekend, allegedly due to a “maintenance” project aimed at keeping water levels high through the annual drought season. The capital’s woes have shed a spotlight on what is becoming a nationwide crisis fueling widespread unrest in the nation’s more remote states.

Video Shot

Venezuelan President’s Son Caught Dancing in Shower of Money at Wedding

A video surfacing online of Nicolás Maduro Guerra, son of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, dancing in a shower of dollar bills at the wedding of an elite business owner has outraged the nation. Maduro Guerra, who himself is a public official in his father’s repressive socialist government, has become a prime target of the opposition on social media over the embarrassing display.


Venezuelan Police Shoot, Kill 14-Year-Old for Yelling ‘Stop the Repression’

14-year-old Kluiverth Roa was shot in the head on Tuesday on his way home from school in San Cristóbal, Venezuela. Roa’s way home from school required him to pass through an anti-socialist protest; he was stopped by police almost immediately and shot in the head after witnesses say he yelled “stop the repression!”