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Another Mexican Cartel Hitman Has No Regrets over His Victims

A Mexican cartel hit man has killed and disposed of the bodies of more than 30 individuals in that country and he is not sorry. The hit man’s logic is that the victim’s were in fact evil who would hurt innocents and the government would not do anything to protect them.

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Gulf Cartel Kidnapped 21 Migrants on Way to Texas

Cartel gunmen kidnapped 21 Mexican migrants that had hoped to cross illegally into Texas. The gunmen had been holding them for ransom for several days in the Mexican border city of Reynosa until the Mexican army rescued them. In a separate raid, authorities arrested 25 other aliens.

Matamoros Gulf Cartel War

Gulf Cartel Continues Kidnapping Innocent People near Texas Border

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — Fear continues to hold a tight grip in this border city as the Gulf Cartel continues to kidnap innocent victims despite authorities unveiling a new anti-kidnapping police unit. Despite much fanfare, in one week the new unit has only made one arrest, which appears to have been just by chance.

Secuestros Kidnappings

Tamaulipas Governor Minimizes Cartel Kidnappings, Calls Them ‘Rumors’

The Tamaulipas government continues to minimize the out-of-control wave of cartel crime and kidnappings that continues to plague this border region. In his most recent speech, Governor Egidio Torre Cantu dismissed the wave of cartel kidnappings that have caused mass panic in this area as being “rumors”. The speech took place during the most recent meeting of the Tamaulipas Coordination Group where Torre Cantu announced a new group made up of state and federal law enforcement officials aimed at tackling — kidnappings.

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Mexican Cartel Targeting Innocents for Ransom Kidnappings near Texas Border

Panic has spread through this border city and as citizens begin to learn about a rash of kidnappings where Mexico’s Gulf Cartel has begun to target innocent people as a way to make quick money. The fears have worsened since some of those victims have not survived the ordeal despite the ransoms having been paid.

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Cártel Mexicano Secuestra a Inocentes por Dinero Cerca de la Frontera de Texas

El pánico se ha extendido a través de esta ciudad fronteriza y mientras los ciudadanos comienzan a conocer sobre una erupción de secuestros donde el Cártel del Golfo de México ha comenzado a atacar a personas inocentes como una manera de hacer dinero rápido. Los temores han empeorado ya que algunas de las víctimas no han sobrevivido a la dura prueba, a pesar de haber pagado los rescates.

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@Miut3: Un Año de Impunidad en Desaparición De Twittera Fronteriza

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — La desaparición y probable ejecución de la activista de redes sociales conocida como “Felina” en Reynosa, quebró a la comunidad virtual en Tamaulipas. Hay diferentes versiones sobre el desarrollo de los lamentables acontecimientos, no se sabe de avances en la investigación, surgieron pistas que probablemente no se han seguido, hay un claro mensaje de impunidad.

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WARNING: Graphic Photos Reveal Cartel Firefight Just Miles from Texas Border

Mexican authorities continue to look into the kidnapping that led to a firefight that killed five Los Zetas cartel members and one Mexican soldier. A series of graphic photos obtained by Breitbart Texas shows the carnage that took place not far from the border with the United States in Nuevo Laredo, the sister city of Laredo, Texas.

Border View of Neuvo Laredo

Cartel Firefight near Laredo: Five Zetas and One Soldier Dead

Five cartel kidnappers and one Mexican soldier died during a fierce gun battle in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, just south from the Texas city of Laredo. The soldiers managed to rescue a woman that Los Zetas had apparently kidnapped. The shootout took place over the weekend when soldiers with the Mexican military set up an operation to rescue a kidnapping victim, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

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Mexican Cartel Sicarios Crossed into Texas and Kidnapped U.S. Citizen

MCALLEN, Texas — A kidnapping cell from the Mexican Gulf Cartel crossed into the Texas border city of Sullivan and took a man at gunpoint from his house. The cartel sicarios then brought the U.S. citizen into Mexico where they held him for ransom. The kidnapping took place on August 27 in Sullivan City, Texas, after which the victim was taken on a raft over the Rio Grande and then taken to the Mexican border city of Reynosa, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.