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Cinco Razones Por Que El Programa Anti-Cárteles Del Departamento De Estado de EU Fracasa en Mexico

El Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos está desperdiciando dólares de nuestros impuestos en México, en una serie de programas vinculados a la Iniciativa Mérida para combatir los cárteles y el tráfico de droga. Organizaciones criminales transnacionales (cárteles) establecidas en México prosperan cuando el Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos equilibra las prioridades de las agencias policiales con preocupaciones diplomáticas, a menudo colocando a la política y la diplomacia por encima de prioridades como el desmantelamiento de las redes criminales que introducen drogas por la frontera hacia comunidades de Estados Unidos.


Five Reasons Why the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Cartel Programs Fail in Mexico

The U.S. State Department is wasting our tax dollars in Mexico on a series of programs tied to the Merida Initiative to battle cartels and drug trafficking. Transnational criminal organizations (cartels) based in Mexico thrive as the U.S. State Department balances U.S. law enforcement agencies’ priorities with diplomatic concerns, often placing politics and diplomacy above priorities such as dismantling the criminal networks pumping narcotics across the border into U.S. communities.


Mexican Cartel Kidnaps U.S. Citizen in Texas, Sneaks Him Across Border Into Mexico

MCALLEN, Texas — Mexican cartel members kidnapped an American citizen in this border city and crossed him into Mexico and then demanded ransom money from his family. The region is controlled by the Gulf Cartel and outsiders engaging in kidnapping for ransom in their territory does not occur. The Mexican neighborhood where the victim was held is also a stronghold for the Gulf Cartel and considered a major base for their cross-border operations into the Rio Grande Valley Sector of Texas.


Kidnappings Continue to Plague Mexican Border City

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — Kidnappings continue to be one of the main crimes that have been plaguing border citizens. In response to the demand for public safety by this community, federal and local authorities carried out a coordinated manhunt aimed at capturing a cell that had been carrying out “express kidnappings” in this border city.

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Gulf Cartel Kidnapped 21 Migrants on Way to Texas

Cartel gunmen kidnapped 21 Mexican migrants that had hoped to cross illegally into Texas. The gunmen had been holding them for ransom for several days in the Mexican border city of Reynosa until the Mexican army rescued them. In a separate raid, authorities arrested 25 other aliens.

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Gulf Cartel Continues Kidnapping Innocent People near Texas Border

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — Fear continues to hold a tight grip in this border city as the Gulf Cartel continues to kidnap innocent victims despite authorities unveiling a new anti-kidnapping police unit. Despite much fanfare, in one week the new unit has only made one arrest, which appears to have been just by chance.

Matamoros Gulf Cartel War

Tamaulipas Governor Minimizes Cartel Kidnappings, Calls Them ‘Rumors’

The Tamaulipas government continues to minimize the out-of-control wave of cartel crime and kidnappings that continues to plague this border region. In his most recent speech, Governor Egidio Torre Cantu dismissed the wave of cartel kidnappings that have caused mass panic in this area as being “rumors”. The speech took place during the most recent meeting of the Tamaulipas Coordination Group where Torre Cantu announced a new group made up of state and federal law enforcement officials aimed at tackling — kidnappings.

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