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Fed favors gradual rate approach: US central bank chief

Fed Chief Jerome Powell Goes Populist

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell wants to make America’s central bank easier to understand and more open to the public.


Hints of Central Bank Hawkishness Roil Markets

(AFP) – Treasury and currency markets were roiled Tuesday by signs that US and European central banks may be closer to monetary tightening measures than previously thought. Yields on US treasuries rose sharply following comments from two Federal Reserve regional

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China Blames U.S. Federal Reserve for Market Crisis

You might think, as many investors do, that a loss of confidence in Beijing caused the Chinese market rout, but Beijing thinks you’ll find the real culprits along the banks of the Potomac.

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Chinese Market Closes Down Despite Rate Cuts

The Chinese market crisis has been described as a loss of investor confidence prompted by Beijing’s search for innovative new ways to control China’s economy.