Pro-EU Germany Aims to Take Back Territory Lost to Poland After War: Polish Central Bank Head

Donald Tusk, Szymon Holownia in Warsaw, Poland on June 3, 2022 (Photo by Mateusz Wlodarczy
Mateusz Wlodarczyk/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The head of Poland’s central bank has claimed that Germany is eying up ways of seizing territory lost to Poland after the end of the Second World War.

Adam Glapiński, the President of the Central Bank of Poland, also accused former Polish prime minister and European Council president Donald Tusk, whose “centrist” party was ousted by the current national conservative one, of aiming to overthrow Poland’s current political order with the backing of Germany in the hopes of creating of a federal EU superstate — a stated aim of the current sitting German government.

In an interview with local publication Gazeta Polska, the central banker accuses Germany of wanting to subordinate “the entire belt of countries between Germany and Russia” — seemingly through the European Union.

This, he claims, has long been part of Germany’s “basic national interests”, which allegedly involve “the merger of the German states, or the absorption of practically the GDR, i.e. the former Soviet occupation zone, and since the completion of this task, about regaining some form of their former lands, which are now within the borders of Poland”.

According to Glapiński, the implementation of Brexit, which saw the United Kingdom leave the European Union, paved the way for this plan, removing a significant roadblock to further EU federalisation.

The Central Bank tsar also accuses Donald Tusk, who now serves as an opposition leader within the country, of working with authorities in Brussels and Berlin in trying to bring Poland into a United States of Europe.

“He was probably promised that he would get the head of the European Commission for supporting the superstate project,” Glapiński claimed, saying that Tusk would likely abandon Poland’s own currency, the zloty, in favour of the euro should he gain power.

“The implementation of the task is to begin with the overthrow of the Polish government and the introduction of the euro to our country,” he continued. “For Poles, this means lowering the standard of living and resigning from quickly catching up with the welfare of Western European countries.”

Tusk reportedly is no friend of Glapiński, having reportedly sworn in the past to see him booted from office should he regain political power in Poland.

Glapiński believes that Brussels is supporting such an effort, accusing Eurocrats of withholding billions of euros in COVID-19 recovery funds in the hopes of being able to hand it to a government under Tusk.

Roughly €35 billion (~$36 billion) in loans and grants are owed to Poland by the EU, though the bloc has denied paying out the funds over disputes to do with domestic legal reforms implemented by the ruling Law and Justice party.

“In my opinion, everything indicates that from the beginning it was designed so that the money was not there,” he said. “This money is going to be given to the next government, constantly building a false narrative of what benefits citizens will have.”

Poland has not taken kindly to the scandal, and while at one point the government promised to try and meet the demands of Brussels, it has now sworn that it will turn on the Union if it does not soon release the funds.

“We have shown maximum goodwill, but concessions have yielded nothing,” Law and Justice party leader Jarosław Kaczyński previously said regarding the impasse between the country and Brussels.

“If the European Commission tries to push us against the wall, we will have no choice but to pull out all the cannons in our arsenal and open fire,” he went on to threaten, saying that the country would not shy away from adopting a “tooth for a tooth” approach to fighting the bloc that it is currently a part of.

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