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The Times: British Banks are Ready for a Hard Brexit

British banks are prepared for Brexit and European banks have failed to prepare adequately, the head of the Financial Conduct authority has said in comments reported by Britain’s Times newspaper. European regulators are playing rough with British banks to scare businesses

"Obviously the City (of London) is the financial centre for Europe and I think it will remain one of the financial centres of the world," said Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem

City of London Boss: Outlook For Finance Improved With Brexit

LONDON (AFP) – The outlook for London’s financial sector has improved since Brexit was triggered, insists the man charged with its policy, even as banks remain set to move some jobs abroad. Mark Boleat, who spoke on Thursday to AFP after British

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Project Fear: European Central Bank Threatens UK After Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) – Financial institutions based in Britain will lose so-called passporting rights allowing them to operate across the European Union unless post-Brexit Britain is at least part of the European Economic Area, ECB policymaker Jens Weidmann has said. “Passporting

European Central Bank

FT: The City of London Can Survive and Thrive After Brexit

From the Financial Times: Those campaigning for Britain to leave the EU are not bigoted little Englanders. The accusations made by the Remain camp about commerce and inward-looking Brexit campaigners are questionable. Too often, their arguments are based on financial


City Of London Provokes EU Jealousy

The vitality and success of the City of London is not because of Britain’s European Union (EU) membership, but in spite of it. As the EU referendum date draws closer, passionate arguments on both sides will soon be overtaken by


City of London Appoints Former Lib Dem to Try and Keep Britain in EU

The City of London Corporation has boosted its presence in Brussels with the appointment of former U.K. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Jeremy Browne, a Liberal Democrat. His title from September 1 will be “Special Representative for the City.”

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