Goldman Sachs Boss Admits He Got it Wrong on Brexit… ‘UK Should Remain Europe’s Financial Centre’

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Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein admitted — despite previously strong anti-Brexit remarks — that he’d been wrong about the impact of Brexit, and was surprised at how little economic impact the vote had caused so far.

Being frank over his disproven predictions for Brexit, the Goldman boss said “I am wrong because I would have thought there would have been a worse outcome by now”, reports City A.M.

Speaking of the new billion-pound Goldman Sachs headquarters development in central London and having admitted his previous predictions had been wrong, Blankfein continued by venturing another, stating: “I thought there would have been a more dramatic effect by now. As of now the effect hasn’t been dramatic, but you couldn’t tell from the way our building is going up – but three years from now – decisions are being made today that might result in less economic activity so there may be a lag – but at this point it hasn’t been as dramatic a fall off.”

Speaking in Brussels Thursday, Blankfein apparently went against his previous position on moving Goldman operations to Europe after the Brexit process, and said Britain leaving the European Union wasn’t a zero-sum game.

Praising Britain’s unique position and experience in financial services, the banking boss said: ” It might well be that the UK should remain and be encouraged to remain not the exclusive financial centre but a dominant financial centre for Europe… The UK has hundreds of years of experience in that and has an infrastructure and ecosystems of regulation with a lot of experience and lawyers and accountants and a lot of experience doing that.”

Breitbart has previously reported on the Goldman Sachs CEO, who has been an outspoken critic of not just Brexit but U.S. President Trump, who he frequently criticises on Twitter.

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