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Cristian Martell Daniel

Texas Dad Calls Police on Son’s ‘Burglary Spree’

A Texas dad made a tough decision when his teenage son bragged about a “burglary spree” that included breaking into hundreds of cars, even stealing a police officer’s weapon from a parked vehicle — he called 911.


Texas Satanic Cult Day Care Couple Found Innocent 25 Years after Convicted

Two years after the State threw out the sexual and satanic ritual abuse case against former Texas child day care owners Dan and Fran Keller, the Travis County District Attorney declared them “actually innocent” and dropped all existing charges, finally exonerating the couple who maintained their innocence since their 1992 convictions.


Texas Defends Mental Standards in SCOTUS Death Penalty Case

Another Texas death penalty case was argued at the United States Supreme Court this week. The two questions presented was whether executing someone 35 years after the imposition of a death sentence, and allegedly using outdated medical standards to determine intellectual disability, is cruel and unusual punishment prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. The Eighth Amendment prohibits executing those who are intellectually disabled.


Obama: ‘Simply Locking People Up Doesn’t Make Communities Safer’

During Saturday’s Weekly Address, President Obama argued that the US does not have more people in prison than any other developed country “because we have more criminals.  It’s because we have criminal justice policies, including unfair sentencing laws, that need


Obama: ‘Much Of Our Criminal Justice System Remains Unfair’

President Obama stated, “much of our criminal justice system remains unfair” during Saturday’s Weekly Address, where he touted criminal justice reform. Transcript as Follows: “Hi, everybody.  Thirty years ago, there were 500,000 people behind bars in America.  Today, there are 2.2


Unequal Justice: UK Favouring Muslims Over Non-Muslims In Court

There have been a couple of disturbing signs lately that the United Kingdom no longer aspires to have one law for all, that instead UK Muslims are entitled to preferential treatment. Both signs take the form of extending special privileges to Muslim


Rand: GOP Could Win Indy Vote With Criminal Justice Reform

Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul argued that if the GOP embraced criminal justice reform “we’ll win the Independent vote again, and win” at Monday’s Voters First Presidential Forum in New Hampshire. Rand stated, “I’m a different kind of

Rick Perry

Rick Perry: GOP Has Ignored Black Vote for Too Long

“When it comes to race, America is a better and more tolerant and more welcoming place than it has ever been. So why is it that even today, so many black families feel left behind?” asked Perry, noting that African-Americans continued to economically lag behind other Americans. Democrats have long had the opportunity to govern in African-American communities. It is time to help black families hold them accountable for the results.