***LIVE AT 11PM ET*** MILO at Berkeley on Cultural Appropriation

In the final stop on his groundbreaking “Dangerous Faggot Tour,” which has enraged leftists and enthused political rebels all across America, MILO will deliver a speech at UC Berkeley, birthplace of the 1960s Free Speech Movement.

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Everything the World Has Culturally Appropriated from the West

Cultural appropriation is the idea that adopting elements of a foreign culture, from dressing up as Mariachis to wearing dreadlocks if you’re not black, is oppressive. Ein volk, ein culture. Naturally, the concept was invented by campus progressives.

western civilization

College Bans Yoga Because Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’

Yoga classes have been banned at a Canadian university because of  “cultural genocide… due to colonialism and western supremacy” after complaints from political correct students.  Jennifer Schaf had been providing free weekly yoga sessions for both disabled and able-bodied students at the University

College Bans Yoga

School Bans Hispanic Student’s Hispanic Halloween Costume

A high school in Brampton, Ontario banned a student of Colombian descent from dressing up as a mariachi for Halloween, claiming it was ‘cultural appropriation.’ Joshua Sewerynek, a ninth-grade student at the St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, told MRCTV that he and his friends had planned


Confessions of a Serial ‘Cultural Appropriator’

This summer, white, Western social justice warriors helpfully explained to Japanese-Americans why they should be offended over Westerners wearing a kimono at an interactive art exhibit in Boston.

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University Bans ‘Racist’ Sombreros

University officials have ordered a local “Tex-Mex” restaurant to stop handing out ‘racist’ sombreros to students during fresher’s week, as they violate the Student Union’s policy on “cultural appropriation.” Pedro’s Tex-Mex Cantina, a Norwich restaurant, had set up a stall

'racist' sombreros