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Left Erupts over Trans-Jenner Bathrooms Labels at Texas Cafe

The oft-offended left on Twitter erupted this week after a Dallas Morning News reporter posted a picture of bathrooms at a Texas Cajun bar and grill depicting photos of Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner on their doors. The owners of the restaurant placed the images nearly three months ago.

TransJenner Bathrooms - Dodie's Place Cajun Cafe

Reflection on Dallas PD Assault: Family Court Associate Judges in Texas are Sitting Ducks

The Boulware attack on Dallas PD headquarters show us that family court judges without bailiffs are sitting ducks. The man killed in a “zombie apocalypse assault” vehicle after a Dallas Police headquarters assault a week ago had a history of domestic violence and mental illness. He had threatened family court judges who had decided his custody case. Dallas judges are now calling for protection in all of their courtrooms.

The Associated Press

Embattled UT Regent Wallace Hall Seeks Involvement of Attorney General

University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall has requested an Attorney General Opinion less than one month after he was rebuked but not indicted by a Travis County Grand Jury. Hall requested the opinion on the authority of the University of Texas Board of Regents to prohibit a regent from accessing University records. He requested records from the investigation by Kroll Associates into University admission practices. The findings were released in February. The Regent has been in a battle with University leaders and Texas legislators over his inquiries into the admissions practices at the University.


Bad Judge Tricks: Public Warning Issued Against Democrat Dallas Ex-Judge

Democratic Ex-Judge Carlos Cortez, the Dallas judge who received national media attention when his girlfriend accused him of assaulting her, and leaning her precariously over a balcony, and threatening to kill her, has received a public warning by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct. It was not this action, but his statements taped by his ex-girlfriend about his campaign reports that got him admonished. In its Public Warning, the Commission stated it started its investigation because of “widespread,” local, state, and national stories about his conduct, which included allegations of criminal conduct. The Commission also issued the order because his outrageous conduct cast the judiciary as a whole in a bad light.