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dark web

Federal Judge Rules FBI Hacking Constitutes a 4th Amendment ‘Search’

Legal fallout from the FBI’s “Playpen” investigation continues, as a federal judge in Texas has ruled that penetrating a computer with malware (or, as the FBI prefers to call it, a “Network Investigative Technique”) constitutes a “search” under the Fourth Amendment.

Coordinated FBI raids up and down the East Coast have resulted in dozens of arrests and charges against 46 alleged mobsters

Judge Throws Out FBI Evidence Obtained with Malware

A judge has ruled that evidence obtained by the FBI with the assistance of malware is inadmissible in court, making all subsequent investigation of the case warrantless and unreasonable.

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Twitter Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’: Pentagon Hunts Terrorists on Mysterious ‘Dark Web’

CNN’s report on the hunt for ISIS terrorists in the darkest corners of the Internet begins with a remarkably dour assessment of the war effort thus far: “After months of bombing by the U.S. and coalition forces, ISIS remains undefeated on the ground and has now entered a new phase, using the cyber-world as a weapon… It’s a trend that has captured the attention of law enforcement and now the military.”