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Coordinated FBI raids up and down the East Coast have resulted in dozens of arrests and charges against 46 alleged mobsters

Federal Judge Rules FBI Hacking Constitutes a 4th Amendment ‘Search’

Legal fallout from the FBI’s “Playpen” investigation continues, as a federal judge in Texas has ruled that penetrating a computer with malware (or, as the FBI prefers to call it, a “Network Investigative Technique”) constitutes a “search” under the Fourth Amendment.


Twitter Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’: Pentagon Hunts Terrorists on Mysterious ‘Dark Web’

CNN’s report on the hunt for ISIS terrorists in the darkest corners of the Internet begins with a remarkably dour assessment of the war effort thus far: “After months of bombing by the U.S. and coalition forces, ISIS remains undefeated on the ground and has now entered a new phase, using the cyber-world as a weapon… It’s a trend that has captured the attention of law enforcement and now the military.”