Obama on Massive Cyberattack: ‘We Don’t Have Any Idea Who Did That’

The search for perpetrators of last week’s massive cyberattack has begun. While President Obama said “we don’t have any idea who did that” in a talk-show appearance on Monday, Director of National Security James Clapper stated on Tuesday that preliminary evidence suggested it was not the work of a hostile foreign government.

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Turkey Accuses Russia of Hacking Government Websites

Several Turkish websites belonging to both private companies and government agencies came under cyberattack this week. Some in Turkey claim Russian hackers are responsible, suggesting the attacks might be the result of rising tensions between Turkey and Russia.


‘Anonymous’ Declare Cyber-Nuclear War on Jihadists

“Anonymous from around the world have decided to declare war against you, terrorists,” an affiliated member of the underground hacktivist movement threatened in a new video posted on YouTube as a response to the Paris attack on the  Charlie Hebdo