Editor: ‘The Post Millennial’ Conservative Website Hit by Cyberattack

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The Post Millennial, a conservative news and commentary website based in Canada, says it has been the victim of a cyberattack. The site’s editor pointed out the attack came less than 24 hours after the site published an exclusive article about feminist Zoe Quinn.

In a statement on social media, Post Milennial editor Barrett Wilson provided further details about the attack. According to Wilson’s statement, the website, which focuses on politics and culture, was the target of a “DDoS”, or “Distributed Denial of Service” attack.

DDoS is a form of cyberattack that floods a website with traffic, aimed at overwhelming its systems and knocking the site offline. DDoS attacks are a common tool used by “hacktivist” groups and trolling groups.

Today, around 12pm EST, The Post Millennial was the target of a DDoS attack from malicious actors. We are working with our tech team to prevent it and stabilize our site, but it might take some time. We can’t know for sure the motivation behind this attack, but it has been less than 24 hours since we published an exclusive, explosive story. For now, we’ve implemented a five-second firewall that will appear when you attempt to access our site. We will stave off the attack and continue to bring you the truth. Truth tellers will always be under attack. This is a fact of life. We are prepared for the challenge and will be steadfast in our dedicated to producing uncensored news and opinion.

Continuing his statement, Wilson said “This attack on our site will only make us stronger and make more people want to see the excellent content we produce.”

The exclusive article mentioned in Wilson’s statement is about feminist Zoe Quinn, who leveled sexual assault allegations against a Canadian man who subsequently committed suicide. According to the Post Millennial, those claims are falling apart.

As of publishing, The Post Millennial appears to be back online and operating as normal.

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