Donna ISD

Texas Border Public School Board Members Indicted on Federal Bribery, Extortion Charges

DONNA, Texas — Two Texas border public school board members have been indicted on bribery and attempted extortion charges. The charges were handed down Friday morning when the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Texas unsealed an indictment charging two of the board members with bribery and extortion in connection with services contracts for the district. A third person who is believed to have acted as a middleman has also been charged.

Public School Protest Sign

Political Witch Hunt Continues in Texas Border School with Long History of Corruption

DONNA, Texas — The history of corruption in this community’s school board appears to continue with what some are calling two politically motivated arrests. As Breitbart Texas previously reported, Donna ISD Police Chief Roy Padilla personally handled an investigation targeting the man who had fired him in the past and had moved to fire him again the school superintendent Jesus Rene Reyna.


Embattled Texas Border School Board Sued For Retaliation

DONNA, Texas — A newly filled federal lawsuit against a Texas border school board provides even more insight into the actions that in have wreaked havoc in the small community. The lawsuit was filed in federal court by a number of high ranking employees and former employees of the Donna Independent School District (Donna ISD). They claim a series of politically motivated retaliations at the hands of Board President Alberto Sandoval and his two closest allies Tomasa Ramos and Nick Castillo.


Texas School District Police Sgt Reinstated After Improper Suspension

A Donna Independent School District (ISD) police sergeant was reinstated to his position after an improper suspension. The sergeant was suspended improperly by the district’s assistant superintendent without approval from the superintendent as part of what appears to be political retaliation and a power-play to get rid of the superintendent.