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REPORT: Over 700 UK Crimes A Week Are Committed By EU Migrants

The number of convictions handed to European Union (EU) migrants in the United Kingdom has shot up by nearly 40 per cent in five years, such that more than 700 offences are now being committed every week. The number of convictions

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France’s 9-11 Economic & Political Consequences

Beyond the horrific deaths, injuries, and panic from seven coordinated terror attacks in Paris, the consequences of France’s 9-11 will likely be a serious deflationary recession and right-wing nationalism spreading across Europe.

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‘Uncountable Millions’ Of Migrants Heading To Europe Warns Hungary PM

BUDAPEST, Hungary (Sept. 6) – The human flood tide surging into Europe from its southern Mediterranean shores is only beginning. Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban has warned that ‘uncountable millions’ of migrants from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa are on the way