Ezra Levant

Getty Images

Islamic State ‘is Jewish’: Paris Muslims React to Attacks

Canadian journalist Ezra Levant visited Muslim neighborhoods in Paris to get a sense of public opinion there, finding that many blame Jews for the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist attacks on November 13, which left 130 people dead.

The Suncor refinery in Edmonton, Canada seen here on June 17, 2015, has a capacity of refining 142,000 barrels of light oil a day, according to the company. It is run entirely on bitumen from the oil sands in Northern Alberta. AFP PHOTO/GEOFF ROBINS

Alberta Oil Companies Hemorrhage Cash After NDP Tax Hike

President Obama is not alone in wielding governmental power to clamp down on carbon-emitting energy. While he weaponizes the Environmental Protection Agency to take on coal-powered energy, potentially shutting down hundreds of coal-fired power plants, Alberta’s new socialist NDP government is pushing ostensibly environmentally-minded policies against oil on shared premises of combating “climate change.”