Foreign Aid Spending

foreign aid

UK Foreign Aid Spent on Five-Star Hotels and Chinese Restaurants

The UK’s massive foreign aid budget is helping to fund middle-class luxuries in booming economise, including Pakistan’s version of Amazon, Chinese restaurant chains, online gambling websites, five-star hotels and luxury shopping malls.

foreign aid

Britain Will Spend More On Foreign Aid Than Local Government Next Year

Spending on foreign aid will outstrip the amount of money given to local councils in the UK for the first time next year, according to official government estimates. The Treasury’s Budget book shows that spending on international development will hit

Chinese Football Children

Own Goal: UK Foreign Aid To Splash £3 Million On Football In China

China has the fastest growing economy in the world, standing second only to the US as a financial powerhouse. Its wealth is building exponentially and the Asian giant is sufficiently advanced to have a space exploration program of its own. Still,