In Pictures: Anti-Foxhunting Demo Goes Ahead Despite Vote Being Suspended

Liam Deacon/Breitbart London

Anti-foxhunting animal right fanatics held a triumphalist demonstration outside parliament today, despite plans to vote on relaxing the hunting ban being shelved this morning because of SNP interference in this solely English matter.


The demo was lead by Angus Robertson MP, the SNP Leader in Westminster; Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton; and Brian May, Queen guitarist, foxhunting opponent and animal rights campaigner.


Caroline Lucas was heard declaring a “great victory” against “the Tories.” Brian May thanked “his friends” in the SNP.


The demonstrators screamed, “Back the ban! Back the ban!” and lined up on the road to the north of Parliament, forming a blockade which resulted in the road being completely closed off.

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