Freedom of Press

SC Legislator Wants Registry for Journalists

On Tuesday, a South Carolina state representative who attempted to keep the Confederate flag flying outside the statehouse, and was investigated by the Post and Courier for his spending habits, introduced a bill designed to create a registry for journalists.

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Students Boycott, Destroy Newspaper that Criticized Black Lives Matter

A group of students at Wesleyan University are demanding “safe space” for students of color and declaring they intend to “dispose of” copies of the school newspaper found on campus until their demands are met. The demands arose after the paper ran an opinion piece critical of the Black Lives Matter movement last week.

Joe Mabel/Flickr

Former Legislator: Ban Political Ads from Canadian TV, Radio

A former Canadian Liberal legislator is calling for a permanent ban on political television and radio ads in Canada, citing the status quo of restrictions on political messaging in Britain as his model. In Britain, John Milloy says, “major political parties” are each apportioned an equal amount of time by on government-licensed television stations to make their pitches.


Terror Group Al-Shabaab Continues Murder Spree of Somali Journalists

The East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP) released a statement to encourage Somali authorities to do more to protect journalists, who face extraordinary danger in practicing their craft. They claim freedom of expression is under fire in the country due to numerous attacks on journalists.


Mexican Journalist Fired for Exposing Government Corruption

Mexico’s efforts to silence critical media have proven successful with the recent firing of one of the few hard hitting journalists in that country along with her staff.

Last week, a number of independent news outlets announced a team effort to create an anti-corruption outlet called #Mexicoleaks. The effort called for brave citizens to leak documents to the group which after vetted would be published by all the outlets in an effort to make a dent in Mexico’s ever growing corruption. The effort went viral though Twitter and Facebook, however the news quickly turned away from the effort when one of the group’s leaders became a target of her own outlet.

Carmen Aristegui