President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Push Gay Rights Fights Overseas

Some gay activists overseas are urging President Barack Obama to back off his aggressive push for American-style global gay rights, which has made their cause more difficult in their countries, and, in some cases, even led to increased violence.


China Recruits Gambia, Laos to Support South China Sea Claims

China is looking far and wide for allies in support of its invasion and colonization of South China Sea territories belonging to other nations. Last week, it received its first statement of support from the African nation of Gambia, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is now claiming that Laos and Brunei also support China’s claims.


When the World’s Newest Islamic Republic Honors the Jewish State

The Times of Israel reports: A month after Gambia declared itself an “Islamic Republic,” its longtime ruler this week warmly hosted the ambassador of the world’s only Jewish state. Israel’s Ambassador Paul Hirschson on Tuesday inspected a presidential honor guard