African Migrant with Two Deportation Orders Arrested For Attacking Police Officers

Italian police stand guard as migrants and refugees, mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone who were transported by the German navy frigate Werra as part of the European external action service EU Navfor Med, arrive at the Augusta harbour in eastern Italy on September 27, 2015. Some 500 …

A Gambian migrant, who had already been ordered to leave Italy twice, was arrested in Suzzara after attacking two police officers outside of a shopping centre.

The 28-year-old Gambian, who was intoxicated at the time, was at the shopping centre harassing customers and begging for money. He had been in an altercation with other African migrants earlier in the day over who could beg in the area, Il Giornale reports.

Once he secured the area for himself, the Gambian set about on customers before it was reported to police that he had been threatening shopping centre patrons.

Once the Carabinieri arrived on the scene, the Gambian refused to identify himself or give the officers any identification documents. After making several threats, the 28-year-old then physically attacked the officers before he was subdued.

Following his arrest, officers discovered that the Gambian had claimed asylum in Italy but had been ordered to leave the country twice and that authorities had never fulfilled the deportation orders.

Over the last year alone, migrant attacks on Italian law enforcement officials have become increasingly common.

In July, migrants armed with glass bottles attacked two officers in Genoa who were pursuing a drug dealer following a routine identification check.

In Turin, a 26-year-old Senegalese migrant who yelled “Allah hu Akbar!” wounded two officers with an iron bar, with one officer suffering head trauma and the other receiving injuries to his hand. The man had also been ordered to leave Italy twice before the incident occurred.

The most serious occurance of migrant violence towards Italian police took place in May in Mirandola, just north of the city of Bologna. The incident saw a North African set fire to a police station which led to the deaths of two people and injuries to a dozen others.

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