Thousands of demonstrators holding banners reading "no to the civil unions", take part in the Family Day rally in central Rome's Circo Massimo on January 30, 2016. The Family day was organised to protest against a bill to recognize civil unions, including same-sex ones currently under examination at the Italian …

More Than One Million March on Rome for ‘Family Day’ to Protest Gay Unions Bill

Caravans of coach buses carrying families from all over Italy streamed into Rome Saturday, meeting in the enormous Circus Maximus. It was a gathering in support of the traditional family, in opposition to a new bill aimed at giving legal recognition to homosexual unions and adoption by same-sex couples.

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Pope Takes on Feminists, Gender Theorists, Gay Activists

Continuing with his insistence that Christians speak the truth boldly and “without fear” of the consequences, on Wednesday Pope Francis took on both the gay lobby and radical feminists by contending that men and women are essentially different and not interchangeable.