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‘Will & Grace’ Cast Cut Get Out the Vote Video

The cast of the re-booted late 1990s sitcom Will & Grace recently took time out on the set to cut a non-partisan get out the vote ad to remind their audience to be sure and vote this year.

Will & Grace Cast Cut Get Out the Vote Video

Pro-Life Democrat Dan Lipinski Defeats Abortion Lobby Candidate in Illinois Primary

Rep. Dan Lipinski – one of the last pro-life Democrats in Congress – beat out the abortion lobby’s little-known primary challenger in a tight race that came to represent the abortion industry’s coup of the soul of a party that claims to welcome “diversity,” but apparently not when it comes to abortion.

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Ill., campaigns for re-election in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District at a commuter train station in Berwyn, Ill., Monday, Jan. 14, 2008. Those challenging Lipinski portray him as too conservative and a pal of Republicans _ as well as a by-product of nepotism because his father, the …

Texas Democrat Voters Turning Out in Record Numbers for Primaries

Democrat voters are turning out in record numbers in the primaries in the historically politically-red Lone Star State. Experts say the Democrat Party wants a robust primary so they can go back to these voters and get them out for the November election.

Voting Lines

Major SF Political Consultant Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Usually political consultants like Enrique Pearce are charged with handling the scandals of their political clients, but this week it was the consultant in hot water for hundreds of disturbing child pornography images allegedly found in Pearce’s possession.

San Francisco Police Dept.