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Transparency? NCLB Rewrite Draft Won’t Be Finalized Until Two Days Before Lawmakers Vote

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) reauthorization bill was approved by a conference committee – by a vote of 39-1 – after just several hours of “conference.” But the bill will not be published in final form for lawmakers and parents to read until November 30 – just two days before it is voted on in the House on December 2. As Indiana parent Indiana parent Erin Tuttle says, “House members will be forced to vote on a bill they haven’t read. The American people expected a new style of leadership under Speaker Ryan, not more of the same.”

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Op-Ed: Today’s Technology Makes Hillary Clinton’s Secret Emails Even More Troubling

Despite her team’s best attempts to bury the story of Hillary Clinton’s bizarre email deception blunder, inquiring minds still want to know what was going on in that server closet at the Clinton residence while Hillary was serving as Secretary of State. It is a situation that drives open government advocates like me up a wall. Fortunately, open government advocates are everywhere, including South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin.


Dan Patrick Attacked for Transparency on Issue Many Politicians Hide

Texas Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick was attacked by a left-of-center organization for being transparent about his coming senate administration. In a press conference on Thursday, Patrick announced the formation of the first-ever “Lt. Governor Advisory Boards.” Within hours of the announcement, Patrick was attacked by Texans for Public Justice (TPJ) for creating a “Shadow Government.”

Dan Patrick - Texas Senate Dias