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Jags’ Jalen Ramsey: Colin Kaepernick Should Be in the League

Buried in the midst of a long-running GQ interview in which he belittles the skills of Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Joe Flacco; players who have five Super Bowl rings between them. Jags cornerback Jalen Ramsey also weighed-in on whether he believes Colin Kaepernick should be in the NFL.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick Named GQ’s ‘Citizen of the Year’

Who said unemployment wouldn’t have its perks? Despite being out of a job and achieving pariah status in the hearts and minds of most American sports fans, Colin Kaepernick is winning and scoring points somewhere.

AP Photo Ted S. Warren

Olbermann: ‘It’s Time for Donald Trump to Resign’

President Donald Trump has not even been in office a week and GQ Magazine “The Resistance” host Keith Olbermann is already calling for his resignation. “It’s time for Donald Trump to resign as president,” Olbermann began. “Admittedly, it’s been an


Olbermann: Donald Trump Is Psychologically Unfit to Be President

In his Monday “The Resistance” special commentary for GQ magazine, Keith Olbermann blasted Presidential-Elect Donald Trump for his actions since his election and questioned his mental stability. “[W]e still await the first serious, sober discussion in our nation’s media about the


GQ: ‘Owning 17 Guns Isn’t that Extreme’

On October 28, GQ magazine published an article in which readers were encouraged to view guns as “tools” and understand that “Owning 17 guns isn’t that extreme.”

Super Gun Owner Andrew Stanfill for the Guardian

Olbermann: Trump Presidency Would Be ‘Putin-Style Dictatorship’

During Monday’s “The Closer,” GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann reacted to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump telling opponent Hillary Clinton in Sunday’s debate that she would be in jail if he was elected. “Make no mistake what you heard between


Jaden Smith to Save Planet by Wearing Women’s Clothing

Jaden Smith, the cross-dressing teen son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, doesn’t see the big fuss about men wearing feminine clothing and hopes to transform the world into a “utopia,” in part by freeing people from bills and other financial obligations.


Obama Wants to Own NBA Team, Compares Self to Aaron Rodgers

In a fawning interview Bill Simmons conducted with Barack Obama for GQ, the president lets readers know the inside-baseball secrets of his sports-minded mind, including his desire to own an NBA franchise, his belief that he and Aaron Rodgers share a kindred unflappability, and his disbelief that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell makes $44 million a year.

The Associated Press

The Liberal Media Lynching of Dr. Ben Carson

We are all witnessing an elaborate liberal media lynching of Dr. Ben Carson. The former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon turned leading black Republican presidential candidate is just the latest “uppity negro” (Justice Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain) to defy the expectations of his white liberal mainstream media masters by deciding to ditch the political hymnal from which most blacks read and think for himself.

Dr Ben Carson profile

GQ: ‘F*ck Ben Carson’ For Preaching Self Defense

The GQ headline screams  “Fuck Ben Carson” and attacks the Republican presidential candidate for daring to suggest that in a mass shooter situation, it might be a better idea to fight back than to wait to be murdered in cold