China Worries About Greece as Everyone Worries About China

China is teetering on the edge of a 1929-style stock market meltdown, and Greece might be about to exit the Euro. China is worried about what the Grexit, or an even larger collapse of the Euro, might do to its house-of-cards stock market. Everybody else is worried about what a Chinese collapse could do to their markets, especially since Western socialists have sold so much of their own nations to China over the years.

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Reform Or Else: Germany Warns Greece And a Divided Europe

Germany is demanding new coercive powers to legally compel, or “force member states,” to abide by structural reforms and binding EU-IMF fiscal “programmes”. This pits Europe’s economic powerhouse against France, a country with a record of failing to follow EU

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GREEK REFERENDUM: How Should Today Work?

Greece’s referendum day is upon us. After five long months of bitter debate with creditors and one quick week of frantic campaigning, the Greeks are now voting. Up until the close of campaigning the left-wing government urged voters to reject the bailout deal that had


Eurozone Expecting Greek Default After Bailout Extension Rejected

The Greek prime minister’s surprise call for a July 5 referendum for voters to decide whether or not to accept the terms of a bailout deal offered by international creditors prompted the eurozone to reject Greece’s pleas to extend the expiring bailout, various news outlets report.

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Greece Update: Run On Banks Risks Leaving Them Cashless

UPDATE: European Central Bank confirms it will maintain emergency liquidity assistance to Greek banks. – The most dramatic day yet in Greece’s months long economic crisis saw a run on banks and the confirmation of next Sunday’s referendum on a bailout deal.

Greece Calls For A Vote On Proposed Bailout

Russia Repeats Offer to Discuss Financial Aid for Greece

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a press conference on Wednesday that Russia would consider financial aid to Greece should the circumstances allow, with the caveat that Russia’s economy is not in the greatest state it could be to help bail out anyone else. Lavrov’s comments echo those of the nation’s Finance Minister in January following the election of new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

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