Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter: End ‘The Crown,’ It Left ‘Historic Drama’ Behind for Modern Speculation

Actress Helena Bonham Carter recently insisted that the Netflix drama “The Crown” should be ended because it has strayed from an “historic drama” to a modern fictionalization. Carter, who starred as Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister Princess Margaret in the third and fourth seasons, feels that the show has gone from quasi historical topics to pure drama that has not connection to the real world of Britain’s royal family.


‘Ocean’s 8’ Review: No Style, No Wit, No Moral Courage

About 40-minutes into Ocean’s 8, after it struck me that the movie was nowhere near as much fun as heist movies are supposed to be, my attention wandered towards ideas that might have made the experience a bit more lively. And because I’m a child, an image popped into my head…