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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Obama Diplomacy Success Story: Cuba Won’t Move ‘One Millimeter’ on Human Rights

The head of Cuba’s delegation to negotiate “normalization” with the United States has vowed that Cuba will not “move one millimeter” on issues such as its rampant human rights violations in talks with American officials. This follows Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to the island for the opening of the American embassy in Havana.


North Korea Responds to Damning Human Rights Report with Threats Against US

North Korea has reacted fiercely to a scathing new report of human rights abuses, threatening to take “tougher countermeasures” against the United States after Washington stated the communist country is guilty of some of the most grievous human rights violations on the planet.


NOW HIRING: Saudi Arabia Seeking Executioners as Beheading Rates Soar

On Monday, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Civil Service listed on its website eight new job openings for the position of executioner. The job responsibilities will likely include beheadings and amputations–two of the most prominent punishments for violations, including drug smuggling, arms dealing, murder, and rape.