IKEA has sold some 6,000 SLADDA bicycles since the model was launched in 2016

Chinese Media Hounds Ikea for Treating Taiwan Like a Country

Swedish furniture company Ikea is the latest Western corporation facing pressure to comply with China’s speech codes, as Chinese media and Internet users assail the company for treating Taiwan like a separate company on its website.


IKEA To Move More Production To United Kingdom After Brexit

Anticipating post-Brexit changes in market conditions, Swedish furniture giant IKEA has revealed it is considering producing more of the products sold in Britain in Britain. Presently only a small fraction of IKEA products sold in the UK are made in Britain

wayne knight

Seinfeld Star Touches Down in Israel

The actor, Wayne Knight, most familiar for his role as Newman in the acclaimed comedy series ‘Seinfeld,’ landed on Sunday morning in Israel.


Migrant Influx Sparks Run On IKEA Beds In Germany, Sweden

Several IKEA stores in Germany and Sweden have run out of beds and mattresses due to a surge in demand caused by the influx of migrants, the Swedish furniture chain said Friday. “There is some shortage in several stores in Germany