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A man takes a photo of the sealed offices of Khalil Tufagji, a prominent Palestinian cartographer, in east Jerusalem, Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Israeli police have raided Tufagji's office accusing him of working illegally on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. In a statement, police accused Tufagji of conducting research for …

Israel Closes Palestinian Office Accused of Monitoring Land Sales to Jews

Citing a breach of Israeli sovereignty and intimidation tactics, Interior Minister Gilad Erdan on Tuesday ordered the immediate closure of a Palestinian Authority-funded map office in east Jerusalem accused of monitoring Arab property sales to Jews in the capital.

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Arab Israeli Leader Defends Arafat Street Sign

A top Arab Israeli politician on Monday defended naming a street in northern Israel after the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to remove it.


Poll: Most Israelis Believe Trump Will Be Friendly To Israel

JERUSALEM – A majority of Israeli Jews support settlement construction and believe President Barack Obama to have been “unfriendly” towards Israel during his tenure, a new survey published in the wake of the anti-settlements United Nations Security Council shows.

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Israeli Jews, Muslims Puzzled by French ‘Burkini’ Brouhaha

In Israel, where it is fair to say Muslims and Jews do not always agree, there is shared confusion and surprise at events across the Mediterranean: the push by French mayors to ban full-body swimsuits, or “burkinis”, on beaches.

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Survey: Majority of Israeli Jews Favor Keeping Judea and Samaria

“Sometime after the Six Day War the settlement enterprise began to develop. In your opinion, from a perspective of 50 years later, has the settlement enterprise contributed to or damaged Israel’s national interest?” was one of the opening questions in a June survey comparing the attitudes of Israeli Jews and Arabs on the liberated territories.

Times Square Iran Rally (Jonathan Margulis / Twitter)

Poll: Plurality of American Jews Support Iran Deal, 49%-31%

A new poll sponsored by the Los Angeles Jewish Journal reveals that a strong plurality of American Jews support the Iran nuclear deal, 49% to 31%. That compares to much smaller support among Americans in general, who split 28% to 24% for the deal.