Exclusive – Students for Trump Chairman: The Attempted Coup

Trump Impeachment Steeple Fingers
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

After multiple failed attempts to sabotage the Trump Presidency, Democrats have decided that impeachment is the only way they stand a chance at taking back the White House. The party of futile resistance thought they had found a way to take down the President, but after only 24 hours their narrative fell apart.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi succumbed to pressure from the radical wing of her party and opened an official impeachment inquiry. This move was based nearly entirely off of uncorroborated reports that the President pressured Ukrainian President Zelensky into opening an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. In announcing the proceedings, Pelosi alluded to this by falsely claiming that the President had committed a “betrayal of his oath of office.”

Democrats eagerly marched forward with their impeachment narrative, until the next morning when the Trump administration released transcripts of the President’s conversation with the Ukrainian President. The transcripts completely dismantled the Democrats’ narrative that a “quid-pro-quo” was established.

Following the release of the transcripts, President Trump and President Zelensky also took questions from the media, during which the Ukrainian President stated firmly, “Nobody pushed me” to open an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden.

Just like that, within hours of Pelosi announcing an official impeachment inquiry, the Democrats’ impeachment narrative had completely fallen apart.

But, the media frenzy didn’t stop there. While Democrats were still pushing their entirely debunked impeachment narrative, media reports surfaced that alleged the whistleblower, who started this whole inquiry, was actually a CIA Officer attached to the White House. Not only that, but the rules for submitting a whistleblower complaint were, reportedly, secretly changed prior to the filing of the report. And, after the change, there was no longer a requirement of firsthand knowledge of a crime being committed.

So, the Democrats’ entire impeachment narrative was started by a complaint from a “whistleblower” who had no direct knowledge of the alleged incident that both Presidents firmly denied, and the transcript thoroughly debunks.

Leaving the American people with the question, where did the whistleblower report come from? And why was it filed in the first place?

Former CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz attempted to answer this question, addressing the many factors that seemed to indicate that “the author had a lot of help,” and typically this help is derived from members of the House Intelligence Committee. This makes the timing of the complaint look less like a coincidence, and more like a targeted political move. According to Fleitz, the complaint was “too convenient and too perfect to come from a typical whistleblower.”

All the evidence is beginning to point to what Republicans have suggested since the beginning of this entire story. Not only is the inquiry based off of another salacious and unverified document, this attempted impeachment process is nothing short of a political coup orchestrated by the Democratic establishment. When they know they can’t beat the President in 2020, they attempt to impeach him with no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever. And even if the impeachment proceedings fail, which they will, Democrats’ secondary goal is to tarnish his reputation, in a Hail Mary attempt to make him politically ineffective.

This move is nothing more than a show of complete desperation, and it won’t work. President Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise, the Trump Campaign continues to receive more donations, and the President is continuing his work to Make America Great Again.


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