Judeo-Christian Values

Rep. Dave Brat: Global Elites Make Trade Deals That Don’t ‘Benefit the Average American’

On Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA) explained “the disconnectedness of government from the people, at all levels — elites making deals in Brussels, elites making trade deals in D.C., with foreign entities making decisions for our local small businessmen, who are getting put out of business by the day.”

File photo of Rep. Dave Brat, (R-VA)

Marco Rubio Focuses on Faith in Last Iowa Debate

In Thursday night’s Fox News debate, Sen. Marco Rubio appeared very aware that his time is shrinking to make an impact on Iowa voters, as he focused his performance intently on his faith and less on political attacks.

Marco Rubio with Bible AP Nati Harnik

OK Gov. Defies State Supreme Court: 10 Commandments Monument Remains

One governor is showing the way to stand up to anti-Judeo-Christian secularists assaulting Biblical values. On Tuesday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin defied the state’s Supreme Court, asserting that the Ten Commandments monument stationed at the Capitol will remain despite the court’s ruling that it has to be removed.

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki