Syrian Kurdish Militia Blocks Peshmerga from Rojava, Sparking Intra-Kurdish Row

Most reporting on the Syrian Kurds depicts them as fairly unified behind their Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia against the menace of the Islamic State. In truth, there are Kurdish opposition parties, and they have been complaining about the PYD using heavy-handed tactics to suppress them.

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Report: Turkey Had Advance Warning on ISIS Suicide Bombing at Border

New details are emerging about Monday’s suicide bombing in southeastern Turkey, including the allegation that the Turkish government had intelligence warning about the attack. The explosion took place in the town of Suruc, which is across the border from the Syrian town of Kobani. Both towns are major centers for the region’s Kurdish minority.

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ISIS Allegedly Kills 30 on Turkey-Syria Border

An explosion on Turkey’s border with Syria, allegedly executed by ISIS, killed at least 31 people on Monday. “We are concerned that the number of death will increase. The perpetrators will soon be found and put on trial,” Turkey’s interior minister said in a statement.


Kobani Hostage Crisis Ends as Kurds Retake Key City from ISIS

Reports surfaced over the past week of Islamic State (ISIS) terror attacks on the much-abused Kurdish border city of Kobani in Syria, but it now appears ISIS only recaptured parts of the town for a few days. Kurdish forces have reportedly driven ISIS from Kobani for the second time this year. The victory came at horrible cost, as NPR reports ISIS may have killed about 300 civilians over the past 24 hours, many of them slaughtered in a brutal house-to-house massacre.

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Report: ISIS Closing in on Kurdish Border Town Kobani After Peshmerga Departure

A Syrian news outlet is reporting that Kobani, the Turkish/Syrian Kurdish border town that became the focal point of the war against the Islamic State before the terror group was ousted in January, is once again being targeted for capture now that the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga have evacuated.

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Kurds Plan Thousand-Strong ‘Tent City’ to House Returning Refugees in Kobani

Officials in Kobani, the predominantly Kurdish city in northern Syria, have been forced to construct hundreds of tents for residents whose homes have been completely destroyed in the ongoing civil war in Syria, Firat News reports. Much of the city, which sits on the Turkish border, was completely ravaged in defending against the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.

Kurdish fighters celebrate advancing on the Islamic State. AP Photo/Zana Ahmed

Kurds Complain of U.S. Weapons Shortages, Turn to Iran For Munitions

It’s not entirely news that the under-equipped Kurdish forces holding the front lines against ISIS in Iraq have accepted help from Iran. There have been reports of arms shipments from Iran to Iraqi Kurdistan since last summer, as promised military support from the West proved slow in arriving.