Mad Max

‘Mad Max’ Review: Running on Empty

Developed by Avalanche Studios, creators of the Just Cause series, and published by Warner Bros Interactive, Mad Max is an open world, third person-action game set in the iconic post apocalyptic wasteland of the Mad Max film franchise, in which insanity and savagery run free and jerry-rigged cars rule the landscape as the remnants of mankind struggle to survive.


Mad Max, Feminist? Are You All Nuts?

Sorry to burst your bubble, bros, but let me run you through the major plot points again. A load of women are chained up and made to wear floaty revealing outfits, impregnated by a megalomaniacal blonde villain (I heard that!) until they finally snap and make a run for it.


‘Fury Road’: A Look Back at 36 Years of ‘Mad Max’

With 37 reviews in, director George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” sits at an impressive 97% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Many of the reviews are outright raves and make clear that after four decades as a filmmaker, Miller went old