Michel Temer

Photos: International Left Burns Brazil’s Cities to Protest Rousseff Impeachment

The Brazilian Senate officially impeached socialist Workers’ Party president Dilma Rousseff Wednesday, removing her from power permanently over a host of fiscal misrepresentations that severely damaged the nation’s economy. Even before the vote to oust her, however, an international coalition of leftist groups have been staging violent protests and attacking police nationwide.

Supporters of suspendend president Dilma Rousseff holding a demonstration during her impeachment trial set trash bags on fire as police fire tear gas grenades at them, in Sao Paulo Brazil on August 29, 2016. Rousseff who testified for the first time at her trial urged the Senate to vote against …

Brazil: Architect of Presidential Impeachment Ousted from House

(Reuters) Brazil’s congressional ethics committee voted to strip suspended Speaker Eduardo Cunha of his seat on Tuesday for allegedly lying about undeclared Swiss bank accounts, the latest in a series of political earthquakes to rock Latin America’s largest country.

Brazil's Lower House speaker Eduardo Cunha is a key opponent of President Dilma Rousseff and architect of impeachment proceedings against her

Chaos in Brazil: More Than Half of Sao Paulo’s Protesters Want to Impeach Vice President Temer

Brazil’s political turmoil continues two days after the lower chamber of the national legislature voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. A startling poll shows that the overwhelming public support for her impeachment is not antagonism limited to Rousseff, however, but to all leftists in power, as another poll shows strong support for impeaching her vice president, as well.