Egypt Terrorists Attack Sufi Mosque in Sinai, 155 killed

EL-ARISH, Egypt —Egyptian state news agency MENA reports that 155 people have been killed in a bombing and shooting attack on a Sufi mosque in the volatile northern Sinai Peninsula, in what appeared to be the latest attack by the area’s local Islamic State affiliate.

Egyptian police attend the scene outside the Al-Husseini mosque in the Khan el-Khalili market following a blast, in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009. An explosion ripped into the famed bazaar in medieval Cairo killing a French woman and wounding at least 21 people, most of them foreign tourists, the …

NYT Editorial Board: ‘Let the World Condemn Duterte’

The New York Times’ editorial board published a commentary focused on a Philippine lawyer’s request to the International Criminal Court in the Hague to charge the country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte, with mass murder and crimes against humanity for his crackdown on drug traffickers.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte walks past honour guards before Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald Bato Dela Rosa's Assumption of Command Ceremony at the Camp Crame in Manila on July 1, 2016. Authoritarian firebrand Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in as the Philippines' president on June 30, after promising a ruthless …

Fear Militant Groups Inspired or Directed Attacks on Cops

Police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota were followed by calls from black militant groups and others to seek vengeance against officers. Almost immediately, several officers were attacked, including the five slain by a sniper in Dallas.

Black Lives Matter Protester REUTERS Sait Serkan Gurbuz

Study: Facebook Pages Used as ‘Online Arms Bazaars’ for Terrorists

The New York Times reports it was able to persuade Facebook to shut down six web pages used as “sprawling online arms bazaars” for terrorists and militants, “offering weapons ranging from handguns and grenades to heavy machine guns and guided missiles.”

islamic state

Syrian Militants Reportedly Kill Iranian General

Iranian Brigadier General Mohsen Ghajarian of the elite Revolutionary Guards force has reportedly been killed during an operation in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, along with six members of Iran’s volunteer militia, the Basij.

Huseyin Nasir / Anadolu Agency/AFP

Bangladesh Faces Wave of ISIS-Linked Terror Attacks

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a series of brutal terrorist attacks in Bangladesh, and is said to be intensifying its effort to recruit from the country’s huge Sunni Muslim population. Despite these developments, the Bangladeshi government continues to insist ISIS has no significant presence in their country.

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Kurdish PKK Clash With Turkish Police, Attack Iranian Outpost

Another violent encounter between Kurdish PKK militants and Turkish police was reported on Friday, leaving two dead and 10 wounded in the town of Silopi near the Syrian border. In another sign of escalating violence, an affiliate of the PKK in Iran claimed responsibility for killing 20 Iranian soldiers in an attack on a military outpost.